You are currently viewing Curate-It to launch in 2022!

Curate-It to launch in 2022!

Over the last 12-months we have all become more than aware of how digital spaces operate. But does the digital sphere offer an opportunity to move beyond the confines of structures that limit access and participation within the film sector? Can online networks operate outside structural boundaries, and offer more space to acquire knowledge, exchange ideas and enable connections?  

It has been suggested that online spaces can challenge the production of representations, offering participation across geographical borders, beyond institutions and limited networks. It can enable connections, and greater access to knowledge and communication. It of course also has limitations such as data and technological access, and the online world also mirrors the systemic structures that inhibit participation offline. Yet despite this, could it allow for greater opportunity to operate outside of these spaces?

Curate-It aims to bring film curation into the digital space, moving the information about the curatorial process away from organisations and institutions. The course follows an eight-step programme to teach users about film theory, film curation and the practical and logistical elements needed to create film events. The eight steps – Watch-it, Analyse-it, Curate-it, Finance-it, Market-it, Execute-it, Evaluate-it and Screen-it – consist of written information, activities, tailored reading lists and videos featuring film experts sharing their knowledge.

At the end of the course, you can host your screening(s) online on our custom built VoD platform – Screen-it. This can host both film screenings and live events, screenings can be ticketed on a sliding scale basis (£2, £4, £6) and facilitate closed captions. From each screening you organise, you will then receive 70% of revenue generated!

The app can also provide space for you to create your own curator profile which will be located in our Directory. You can use this to share your work and curatorial interests with other curators, film festivals, cinemas or screening venues.

Curate-It can be undertaken on mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or desktop, it is currently available in English and French and the videos have closed captions.

Curate-It will launch in 2022 and will be available to purchase on the Apple App Store and Google Play.   

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