Welcome to Curate-It, the course that provides you with all you need to know to implement your own screening event, film series or film festival. We want to make knowledge about film curation easily accessible within a digital space, and have created an eight-step programme to teach you about film theory, film curation and the practical and logistical elements needed to create film events.

The eight steps – Watch-it, Analyse-it, Curate-it, Finance-it, Market-it, Execute-it, Evaluate-it and Screen-it – consist of written information, activities, tailored reading lists and videos featuring film experts sharing their knowledge.

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While learning the processes and practices of film curation the app also allows you to jot down ideas in our notebook function and chat to other users through messenger.

The notebook function contains all completed activities and allows you to add your own ideas and notes as you move through the course. Messenger allows you to share ideas and information with other users undertaking the programme, possibly leading to collaborations.

Our Screen-it platform provides you with the option to show your curated film or film programme publicly online at the end of the course. You can offer these for free, a custom amount or on a sliding-scale enabling you to generate your own box office from your screenings.

The programme is aimed at beginners or those with intermediate knowledge. At the end of the course, you will be able to: Critically analyse films you want to curate; Understand the theories and practices of film curation; Negotiate rights to films; Develop marketing strategies; Create budgets and funding applications; Implement screenings and events; Monitor and evaluate events; Screen events online or in real life


''I loved my experience on the Curate-It Fellowship programme. It was amazing to meet incredible curators. I learnt a lot from the course and it has given me many skills I will take on for future curatorial jobs''.

EIFF 2022, Fellowship Participant

''I would describe the overall experience of the Curate-It Fellowship programme as being an overwhelmingly positive. The clear practical skills focus of the course paired with the open-ended creative aspects of programming that I was able to explore coming from a place of no experience. It was really a one-off very generous and nurturing experience that was unlike any course or residency that I had done before''.

EIFF 2022, Fellowship Participant

''Curate-It has allowed me to gain confidence that curation and programming is a career I could realistically pursue. I think there are still gaps in my knowledge, however, I feel the course have given me the grounding I needed to to identify and fill those gaps''.

EIFF 2022, Fellowship Participant