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Welcome to Curate-It, the course that provides you with all you need to know to implement your own screening event, film series or film festival. We want to make knowledge about film curation easily accessible within a digital space, and have created an eight-step programme to teach you about film theory, film curation and the practical and logistical elements needed to create film events.

The eight steps – Watch-it, Analyse-it, Curate-It, Finance-it, Market-it, Execute-it, Evaluate-it and Screen-it – consist of written information, activities, tailored reading lists and videos featuring film experts sharing their knowledge.

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Curate-It enables you to...


Learn about the practical skills needed to implement a film event, from curation, to finance, to marketing, to event organisation.

Connect and collaborate

Connect with other curators, work as part of an already existing team or find like-minded curators to collaborate with through our directory. Chat through messenger, share ideas on the pin-board and show films on our custom built VoD platform.


Reimagine film exhibition and pioneer new practices of film curation and ways of showing films to audiences.

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