The Curate-It platform was built in an effort to democratise film curation and make it accessible online. It was developed in app form in order to utilise the digital space and make knowledge about film curation available to those who are marginalised and also more broadly.

Digital spaces can operate outside of the mainstream, and challenge the production of representations, offering the possibility for participation and collaboration beyond institutions, limited networks and across borders. It of course also has limitations such as data and technological access, and the online world also mirrors the systemic structures that inhibit participation offline. Yet despite this, we hope that it can be used to allow for greater opportunity to operate outside of these spaces.

We are working to make Curate-It as accessible as possible. Currently the app makes the following accessibility provisions, and we plan on increasing this in the coming months.

The films hosted on the platform are closed captioned in English for those who are D/deaf or hard of hearing

Ticket pricing for films shown on Screen-it will be offered to audiences on a sliding scale (£2, £4, £6).